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BioTerapias: Medicina Alternativa. Equipos y suplementos para terapias alternativas
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I found out about the ReBuilder™ in an unusual way. Normally, a detail man, employed by a pharmaceutical company buys the girls in my office lunch and then informs me about the latest drug, hoping I will write prescriptions for his drug rather than a competitor's.

What is unusual about the ReBuilder™ is that a referring physician, a family practice MD in our community, called me to follow up and report the success of a patient we had both seen who had presented with severe neuropathy, primarily pain and tingling in his feet and with concurrent difficulty sleeping. After unsuccessful treatments with Cymbalta, Lyrica and Neurontin, the patient was referred to me. I performed a nerve conduction velocity exam and found that there was a significant delay in the transmission of nerve signals in both of his legs. After exhaustive blood work I could find no reason for his symptoms and since he had already tried drug therapy with no resolution of his symptoms I referred him back to his GP.

My friend reported that our patient had found a new device on the internet, bought it, used it, and now was asymptomatic after two months without drugs. I was cautiously intrigued, and requested that he return for a follow up so I could test him again to see if there was any objective, measurable, improvement. To my surprise and delight, I found that his NCV test was now normal. I requested full documentation from ReBuilder™ Medical and read with interest their monograph from the inventor, David B. Phillips, and found it to be highly accurate, educational, and taxing to read because of its intensive technical nature. However, it explained a new concept that makes total sense.

I now prescribe the ReBuilder™ routinely. Of the 20 patients in my practice who have used the ReBuilder™, all but one have experienced significant relief. Six patients were diagnosed with idiopathic neuropathy, 7 were diagnosed with impingement syndrome in the lower back or buttocks, and 6 suffered from diabetes. The one who did not respond suffers from long term uncontrolled diabetes and has the "stocking feet" dark discoloration of his ankles and feet and has periodic glucose levels exceeding 500, with an A1c of 13.

I urge all medical professionals who see patients with neuropathic symptoms to prescribe the ReBuilder™ as the preferred treatment before they have to resort to prescription drugs.

B.D.Cowan, MD


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